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AT 10:30 on the 14th of May 2007, I sat for my GMAT exam. I cancelled my score during the test. Why? Because by that point I realised that I would score a mark much lower than what I though I would be capable of. I had never sat a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) before and in my crash 2-week preparation I underestimated the kinds of skills and expertise I though I would need to master the GMAT.

From today, I start to prepare for the GMAT properly. In doing this, the first step is a little research into what the people who achieve the top results do. There are a number of posts on TestMagic by such high scorers, so I will summarise my findings from there. After that, I will start making small measurable steps to start taking action and building momentum in preparing for the exam.

The SMART goal I have set for myself is to attain a GMAT score of 760 by Thursday 31st January 2008. I would be happy with a 700+ score, but I think 760 is achievable so I am setting this.

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