The Need To Do Well In Verbal (& More)  

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An interesting article points that scoring highly in verbal is so rare that you can get a higher score with a higher verbal component.

Also these articles on time management and other things are interesting for reading later:


How do you get there? By understanding how the exam changes at its highest levels. At the 760+ level, you will no longer be tested on the basics; by the time you start seeing 760-level questions, you will already have proven to the CAT that you have mastered the fundamentals and are ready for the tough stuff. So the CAT will try to gauge your level by taking the same concepts you would see at the 650 level and "gussying" them up. In quant, it is now more about logic than about calculation. Did you spot the pattern hidden in the numbers? Did you spot the hidden equations? In verbal, you will need to resolve subtle flaws of logic and grammar. The issues no longer announce themselves; you have to seek them out. The 760+ exam is for active test-takers. If you sit back and let the exam wash over you, chances are you will not break 760.

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