Should Girls Be Admitted To Business School?  

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The face of a soon to be MBA Mom, opting out of the workforce.

As a red blooded male, I must say that I'd love for more women to attend business school! But, it seems like everyone from that hyperactive admission consultant to BusinessWeek and WalletPop are all saying one thing: perhaps girls should not be admitted. Sure, they don't say it that blatantly, but look at headlines such as this one:

MBA Moms Most Likely to Opt Out
A new study finds MBA moms more likely than doctors or lawyers to stay home full-time

Surely this headline is only insinuating one thing, i.e. what good are they doing with their valuable MBAs while being at home?

WalletPop has some theory about woman heeding their biological call, and BusinessWeek says the business work environment is not structured to be as family-friendly as the fields of medicine and law. Perhaps these MBA Moms are the cleverest of them all, heeding to this cracker of a paragraph from the same BusinessWeek article:

Those men who want to reach the highest rungs of their career and earn the most money often need a stay-at-home wife to take care of all other aspects of their life, including raising a family, Williams said. "And since many women in business school marry those men, they end up being stay-at-home wives, regardless of their own vision of what they wanted from their careers," Williams said.

I wish I could marry a rich girl!

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